Zeliver exists to provide turnkey on-demand delivery solutions to small business and enterprise. We provide the cutting-edge rapidly evolving technology, and human assets, to enable the coveted last mile delivery. Our platform seamlessly integrates your business operations with our delivery operations. We ensure our integrations add to your business efficiencies, and to your bottom line. We build upon solid partnerships with our customers and strategic partners to create new consumer on-demand experiences. We implement our vision in creating opportunities for our clients to expand into new markets and bring in new customers. Your customers want your products delivered to them faster, and we are right here with you to fulfilling your local delivery needs.

We Power Your On-Demand Logistics

Zeliver brings the power of logistics to your business with our customer-first approach to everything we do. Our mission is to empower your business by providing deliveries the most efficient way possible. With our platform you can schedule drivers for same day deliveries. Our API technology allows you to schedule automatically from your platform to ours. Behind all of our technology, we are powered by humans, so feel free to contact us.

Our vetting process

We take great care in our driver selection process. We onboard the best and brightest with adept abilities to think on their toes and adapt to any situation with a professional attitude. Each driver must pass our stringent onboarding and security criteria and receive training before being activated into our network. Many of our drivers have been working with Zeliver for years.